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Ours is a cut above USDA Prime, Choice, and Select with 10 quality standards to ensure the brand's premium name. Find us on the CAB Certified list at www.certifiedangusbeef.com

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We take PRIDE in our friendly staff. They are here to help you find exactly what you're looking for and to offer you outstanding service and assistance regarding all the products we carry.

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Show your friends and family you care with a custom decorated cake. Sally or Hope can take your idea and create a beautiful masterpiece for any occasion! You're sure to find exactly the right cake to make your loved ones feel special!

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The higher the score, the better the nutrition. Look for scores on the shelf tags throughout our store! Click HERE for more information.

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Reward Yourself With Quality

Certified Black Angus Beef is the absolute most tender, best tasting beef available. Serve restaurant quality at home!


Roasted, brined, fried – no matter how you prepare your traditional thanksgiving turkey, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect one in our meat department!